The Sovereign Party priority policies manifesto / Polisïau Blaenoriaeth maniffesto Plaid Sofren:


1. We are for personal sovereignty, free choice and no mandates

We will stand for freedom, rights and personal sovereignty and free choice in all matters. We oppose draconian lockdowns, medical / vaccine / ID or other mandates, digital health passports and all undue restrictions now and in the future.

2. Protect the essential and inalienable rights and freedoms of all with a constitution and bill of rights for Wales.

We will work for a constitution and bill of rights to protect the essential and inalienable rights and freedoms of every citizen of Wales regardless of creed, origin or race. Such rights include freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom to protest, freedom to own and keep private property, freedom of a fair trial, freedom to privacy and a free press.

3. Drastically reduce and limit the creeping surveillance state and ‘big tech’

We will push back against the creeping surveillance state, censorship, big tech, AI and automation undermining and threatening humanity and our fundamental freedoms, rights and jobs.

4. Give power back to the people to hold local and national referendums to create new or withdraw unwanted laws

We will champion establishing a participatory democracy in Wales so that unwanted government measures can be withdrawn or new ones created if enough people want it, similar to the system in Switzerland. Government measures that people might want to be reconsidered may include: introduction of compulsory sex education to young children, undemocratic and harmful elements of sustainable development’s Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘Net zero’, mass immigration, anti motorist policies, cashless society and policies that deny the sex-based rights of women and men.

5. Ensure food and energy independence for Wales locally and nationally

We will work to ensure that Wales becomes as self-sufficient as possible in its own food sovereignty and energy production, ready for the challenges of the future.

6. Ensure priority housing for citizens already living in Wales including social housing

We will stand to ensure that local people and citizens already living in Wales have priority housing in the majority of all housing including social housing

7. Repeal all draconian Covid laws and regulations locally and nationally

We will work to repeal all Covid regulations and any other unnecessary, disproportionate and draconian laws which are imposed by the UK and/or Welsh Government or global institutions now and in the future.

8. The inherent rights of nations to sovereignty if they want it

We believe that all nations/countries including Wales have the inherent right to be fully sovereign and to have full self-determination if that is what the people of that nation or country decide. We also believe that the UK state is now a corrupt, failed state, fast moving towards a dangerous corporate-driven dictatorship, and we believe that the case can be made that self-determination for Wales is becoming more and more of a necessity for our future safety and the protection of our essential freedoms. We would also support and offer friendship and cooperation with any other nation in Britain or elsewhere which desires its own sovereignty whilst celebrating our diversity as nations.

9. A firm but fair immigration policy for Wales

We will stand for a common sense, firm but fair points system for immigration in to Wales in-line with our needs and capacity.

10. We oppose attempts to create an oppressive system of unelected global governance – often referred to as One World Government etc., and favour diverse nations working together

We oppose the aspects of globalism and unelected transnational corporations and bodies (such as the UN, WEF and WHO) that are trying to create centralised global governance, and interfering in democratic governmental and local decision making and policies – often referred to as One World Government or New World Order. We favour diverse democratic nations working together and believe that Wales and all other nations can play their own unique part in the family of nations on earth working together as equal, friendly, independent partners.

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