Cyfansoddiad The Sovereign Party / Plaid Sofren Constitution

This document is the Constitution of The Sovereign Party / Plaid Sofren Constitution and is hereinafter referred to as “The Party Constitution”


Name of party:

The Party is called The Sovereign Party / Plaid Sofren (hereinafter referred to as “the Party”). Variant party descriptions (up to 12) may be used from time time on ballot papers and leaflets etc, as may be appropriate and as provided for in the Electoral Commission rules and under PPERA.


The party’s objectives:

The party believes in the inalienable rights of all the people of Cymru / Wales (and elsewhere) to their essential liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom to protest, freedom of association, freedom to own and keep private property, the right to a fair trial, freedom for people to make their own informed choices in terms of any proposed medical, biological, pharmaceutical or technological intervention (and against any coercion or mandates), freedom of privacy, a free press and the inherent right to partake in a fully inclusive and accountable democratic system.

Promoting the well-being of and involving all the people of Wales in improving the country and making it an economically prosperous and ambitious country once more, where everyone’s rights are equally protected under a constitution and bill of rights, particularly guided by the best principles of natural and common law.

As well as the inherent right of people’s individual/bodily sovereignty, the party also believes in the inherent rights of all nations including Wales to be – if that is what the people of that nation decide – fully sovereign and to have full real self-determination in order for the nation to be able to be fully accountable to the people and to express itself to the world in its own best possible and unique way. Devolution of some powers brings some advantages and brings democracy closer to the people but only full sovereignty and the ability for a country to create its own debt free currency can genuinely empower people and their nation/country for the better and for a more prosperous future for all its citizens. Full self-determination is an internationally recognised right as also recognised by the United Nations (UN)Declaration (Resolution 61/295 – ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’) adopted by the General Assembly on September 13 th 2007 and two conventions, all of which have been ratified by the current UK state and 148 other international states.

We also oppose colonialism and imperialism in all their forms and also reject the corruption of democracy in the present UK state and elsewhere by a small number of unelected, transnational corporate-led interests. We also reject and oppose the pushing by a select few of a centralised one world government / new world order and all the serious totalitarian threats that would entail.

The party therefore believes in promoting the natural right of the country of Cymru / Wales to be a fully sovereign nation state on the island of Britain, on the continent of Europe and in the rest of the world, taking responsibility for itself and its interests as is the normal expectation and right of any country.

The party also encourages friendly and productive relationships, trade and cooperation with all the other nations of Britain, Europe and the world, both in terms of trading and in the interests of celebrating the diversity of a family of nations, mutual respect, friendship and understanding.

The party fully supports the other nations of Britain (and elsewhere) if they also decide that they would like to be sovereign and would celebrate being friendly and cooperative neigbours and a part of a family of nations sharing the same island, cooperating in many areas of mutual interest such as free trade and defence of the island, with all nations standing on their own two feet but beside each other as equals.

To publicise and promote these objectives and rights


Structure of the party:

The officers of the Central Management Committee shall be:
• The Party leader
• The Treasurer
• The Nominating Officer (being the same person as the Party leader)

The Central Management Committee will function as the principal management and administrative authority of the Party.

The Committee will meet at least twice a year and at least every week iftaking part in an election campaign.

The Officers will make sure that they have an understanding of all legal requirements.

The Officers will ensure that the Party stays within the budget.

The Party Treasurer will be responsible for complying with all the applicable and relevant statutes and requirements of the Electoral Commission. The Party Treasurer, as laid out in the Financial Scheme of the Party, will supervise the financial affairs of the Party and keep proper accounts that show all monies and donations collected and paid out by the party . The Party Treasurer will also prepare annual accounts which must be approved by the other Officer/s.

The Party leader or Treasurer may resign at any point as long as a two months notice is given and a replacement agreed and discussed between both parties where possible. The Party leader will formally inform the Treasurer of a name or names to be offered the Party leader role should the Party leader stand down or die.

In the event of any unforeseen dispute between Officers, a neutral and mutually agreed adjudicator will be called in order for matters to be resolved amicably and to avoid any undue damage to the party.

The Party Leader will give political direction to the Party and will be responsible for the development of the Party’s policies. The Party leader may consult with and seek advice and guidance from advisory groups and individuals including the other Officer as he deems appropriate and will inform him of new developments.

The Party leader may invite and propose suitable candidates to stand in elections and will consult and seek advice with others as necessary.

The Party leader will make and/or approve public statements regarding the party’s policies. The Party leader may also make new or other party appointments as appropriate and will inform and discuss any developments with the other Officer in this regard.

This constitution will be kept up to date and an updated copy will be provided to the Electoral Commission whenever the constitution is changed/amended.



(a) Any money obtained by the Party shall be used for the Party and its aimsand/or those doing any relevant work for the party and its aims.
(b) Any cheques issued shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other
nominated official.


Alteration of the Constitution:

(a) Proposals for amendments to this constitution may be suggested by either
Officer and agreed by both before amending.


Adoption of the Constitution:

This constitution was adopted by the party officers on: 5.2. 2022

Signature: Gruffydd Meredith…………………………
Capital letters: GRUFFYDD MEREDITH………………………..(Party leader)

Signature:Justin Lilley
Capital letters: JUSTIN LILLEY……………………………………. (Treasurer)

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