The Sovereign Party / Plaid Sofren (formerly the ‘No More Lockdowns’ party) is a party that stands for the essential freedoms, rights, free choice and personal sovereignty of all people in Wales, and for a better and more prosperous Wales for all.

We oppose draconian lockdowns, medical / digital passport and experimental vaccine mandates, high taxes crippling people and smaller and medium businesses, and all other disproportionate restrictions and policies now and in the future.

We are also opposed to government policies that over-interfere with the private lives of citizens and small and medium businesses. We are also opposed to  the growing number of unelected global-wide corporations and bodies (such as the UN, WEF and WHO) interfering in democratic governmental and local decisions and policies, and trying to create a system of tyrannical centralised global governanace.

We are an unaffiliated group of people concerned about the lack of democratic process in local and governmental planning and policy. We will remain unaffiliated as individuals acting collectively and within the law towards a truly inclusive democratic process where all voices are heard. We are not affiliated with any group or organisation. This does not mean that we may or may not endorse other groups or individuals at different times.

The Sovereign Party / Plaid Sofren is a Welsh political party registered with and regulated by the Electoral Commission, and is registered to stand in local and national elections. The party complies with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA).

Dros Gymru, Dros Ryddid. Dros ryddid yr unigolyn, dros degwch i bawb ac er lles Cymru fel gwlad.

For Wales, fo Freedom. Our freedom and rights must prevail.

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